Change your eye color

Keratopigmentation technique
Keratopigmentation technique
Keratopigmentation technique

Change your eye color and transform your look with Keratopigmentation, a highly sophisticated technique that safely and permanently alters your eye color.

Keratopigmentation is a method that has been tried and tested for 10 years, and thousands of people have benefited from it. This procedure is totally different from iris implants, laser depigmentation or contact lenses, as it keeps your eyes intact, eliminates intraocular complications and minimizes recovery time. To date, no serious complications following keratopigmentation have been detected.

In concrete terms, the technique consists in creating a circular micro-tunnel in the thickness of the cornea (the transparent part of the eye) using a laser, then inserting color pigments.

This surgical procedure in no way affects the natural iris (the colored diaphragm at the back of the cornea).

No intraocular implants are placed in the eye, and no internal structures are affected.

The operation is performed under local anaesthetic using anaesthetic drops, making it completely painless.

It lasts 30 to 45 minutes, and the effects are immediate.